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Creating Tax Rules in Magento

Creating Tax Rules in Magento

Creating Tax Rules Magento

What is Tax rule?

Magento Tax rules determine how tax will be applied on each order that are placed in the store.Tax rules in Magento is all the Tax elements in Magento put together,namely, customer tax class, product tax class, and tax rates.

How does Tax Rule work?

To set up a Tax rule, we have to define 3 tax element; customer tax class, product tax class and tax rate.

Depending on the customer (assigned a particular customer tax class) purchasing an item (assigned a particular product tax class) and the address (tax rate defined for a particular region, depending on the shipping address, billing address or shipping origin) Magento calculates the tax for each order.

It will be clearer when we do it with an example later in the article.

So for creating a Tax Rule we first have to create

1. Customer Tax class
2. Product Tax Class
3. Tax Rate

Adding a new Customer Tax Class:

1. From the Magento Admin panel, select Sales > Tax > Customer Tax Classes
2. Click on “Add New”.
3. Name it anything you like, for our example we will name it, Taxed Customer, and save it. We are done creating Customer Tax Class.

Adding a new Product Tax Class:

1. From the Magento Admin panel, select Sales > Tax > Product Tax Classes
2. Click on “Add New”.
3. Name it anything you like, let’s name it “Taxable Product” and save it.

Adding a Tax rate:

1. Select Sales > Tax > Manage Tax Zones & Rates.
2. Click on “Add New Tax Rate”.
3. Give “Tax identifier”, a name to identify this Tax rate. Lets’s name it “10% Tax”.
4. Select the Country for which you want to apply this Tax rate, we will keep it as United States.
5. Select the State if you want to apply this for a particular state, we will keep it as “*” which will make it applicable to all states.
6. Select whether this Tax rate will be applied over a range of Zip/Post code or some particular Zip/Post codes.

a. If you select it as “No”, then you can put the Zip/Post codes type in the next field. i.e. if you put “*”, then it will select all code, if you put “xyz*”, it will select all codes starting with “xyz” and not longer than 10.

Add new tax rate

b. If you select it as “Yes”, then you can put the Zip/Post code range in the next two fields. Give the Starting Zip/Post in the “Range From” field and the ending Zip/Post in the “Range To” field.

Add new tax rate

For this article we will keep the “Zip/Post is Range” field as ‘No’ and the “Zip/Post code” as “*”. And we will also give the “Rate Percent” as 10. You can give it any percent you like. And after that we will save the Tax Rate.

Creating the Tax Rule:

As we are done with creating the three required Tax elements, we will create the Tax Rule using those Tax elements.

1. From Admin go to Sales > Tax > Manage Tax Rules
2. Click on “Add new Tax Rule” button on top right.
3. Give a name to the Tax Rule, we will name it “US-10%-Tax”.
4. Select the Customer Tax Class that we created, i.e. Taxed Customer.
5. Select the Product Tax Class that we created, i.e. Taxable Products.
6. Select the Tax Rate, i.e. 10% Tax.
7. If you have multiple Tax Rules then you can give priority to them. In this case we will keep it as 0.
8. “Calculate off subtotal only” checkbox is used to override priority of Compound Taxes when you are applying multiple Taxes using priority.
We will keep this field unchecked.
9. Sort order is for positioning the Rule in the Tax Rules list.
10. After selecting all we will save the rule.

How will this Tax Rule get applied to my Order?

Assigning Customer Tax Class to customer:

For successfully applying this Rule to any order we have to assign the “Customer Tax Class” to a customer who will place the order. For that we have to apply it to the Customer group to which the customer belongs. Let’s be clearer about it.

Suppose I have a customer who is assigned to a particular Group, namely, General.

Customer Information

Now for applying the “Customer Tax Class” to this customer I have to assign the Customer Tax Class to the “General” customer group. For doing that we have to go to;

Customers > Customer Groups

Will click the “General” group for editing.

Customer Group

As you can see from the image that the Tax Class applied to the group is, “Retail Customer”, but we need to assign “Taxed Customer” and save it.

Edit Customer Group

Now, we have assigned the Customer Tax Class to that particular customer. Remember, now any customer assigned to the “General” customer group will also have this “Customer Tax Class“ assigned to them.

Assigning Product Tax Class to Product:

For assigning the Product Tax Class to any product open up any existing product and click on the “Prices” tab on the side. At the bottom there is an option for choosing “Tax Class”. We will choose the one we created, i.e. “Taxable Products” and save the product. If you don’t have product created, you can create one and assign the Tax Class.

Product Information

Check working of the Tax Rule:

Thus we are done with assigning the Customer and Product Tax classes, we can now place an order from the frontend to check whether our Tax is been properly applied or not.

We will open the frontend and will add the product on which we assigned the Product Tax Class. I have added it to “HTC Desire 501 Blue”.

Product Search Result

Add the product to cart and proceed to checkout. In the checkout page we have to login with the customer data to whom we assigned the “Cuatomer Tax Class”. Remember that the address of the customer should match the region defined in “Tax Rate” defined earlier, which means, if the “Tax Rate” is defined for United States, the customer address should be that of United States.

Checkout Process

In the image above we can see that a 10% tax has been applied in the order. So our Tax Rule is working correctly and now we can add more Tax Rules as per our requirement. Also, in Magento by default Tax is applied depending on the Shipping address and it can be changed in the Tax Configuration settings, which we will deal in a separate blog. So, this is all for now, let us know if there are queries from your side. Also if you have any request for any tutorial, leave a comment and we will come up with it soon. Have a wonderful day.


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How to set multiple websites with multiple store views in Magento

How to set multiple websites with multiple store views in Magento


If you work with Magento, sooner or later you will end up needing multiple websites that have
multiple languages.
Most of you know this, but I hope someone will still find this post useful.

There are few ways of doing same thing, but in my experience way I’m going to present now causes
less problems even though it is less automatic than some other ways.

Let’s say we want 2 websites and 2 languages for each site.

Here’s procedure:

In admin panel, go to System->Configuration and click on “Manage Stores”
Click on “Main Website” to change it’s name to “Website 1” or however you want to call it. (I’ll call mine “Website 1” for the purposes of this article).
In “code” field there, write something like “website_1”.

Do same for “Main Website Store”. Call it “Website store 1”.

And guess what… do same for “Default Store View” that you can find on same interface.
How to call it?
Hm… I’ll call mine “English Store View”
I’ll write “english_store_view_website_1” in “code” field there.

Ok, let’s go make second one…
Add website named “Website 2” with code “website_2”.
Add store called “Website store 2” and assign it to Website 2 that you can chose from dropdown.
Add new store view called “English Store View” with code “english_store_view_website_2” and
assign it to “Website 2” that you can find in dropdown.

By now you should have 2 websites with 1 language each.

Add two more store views.
Call first “German Store View” with code “german_store_view_website_1”.
Call second “German Store View” with code “german_store_view_website_2”.
Assign them to corresponding websites.

Let’s see what we have at this moment:

1) a) Website 1 (code: website_1) – Website Store 1 English Store View (code: english_store_view_website_1)
b) Website 1 (code: website_1) – Website Store 1German Store View (code: german_store_view_website_1)

2) a) Website 2 (code: website_2) – Website Store 2 English Store View (code: english_store_view_website_2)
b) Website 2 (code: website_2) – Website Store 2German Store View (code: german_store_view_website_2)

Of course, I didn’t mentioned that you will need to chose root category for your stores, do what ever you like there.

Ok, let’s say we want url to be handled this way:

In your Magento installation directory, make 2 directories called “website_1” and “website_2”
Copy .htacces and index.php from your root directory in each of those new directories.

In .htaccess search for “RewriteBase /” line and replace it with “RewriteBase /website_1/” in first directory, and
search for “RewriteBase /” line and replace it with “RewriteBase /website_2/” in second directory.

In both directories open index.php and change “$compilerConfig = ‘includes/config.php’;” to
$compilerConfig = ‘../includes/config.php’;(remove magentoroot variable)

Change $mageFilename = ‘app/Mage.php’; to $mageFilename = ‘../app/Mage.php’;

In same file make sure to edit Mage::run() function for each site:

Mage::run(‘website_1’, ‘website’);
Mage::run(‘website_2’, ‘website’);

Go to System->Configuration and select Current Configuration Scope: Website 1

Set absolute paths to your skin, js and  media directories and set Base URL =  (do that for website_2 too)

Now use this dirty way to switch between websites :)

Since there is much to say about this subject, feel free to ask questions and I’ll try to answer them asap.

Magento sharing shopping cart with multiple Website



After I searched for an answer to this and stumbled across the same question being asked since 2009 without a definite solution, I finally had to look into the deep end of the code myself – and voila, I have a working solution. Here a detailed guide for anyone who wants to set up Magento with

  • multiple currencies that don’t just get displayed but actually charged in the selected currency
  • share the shopping cart throughout websites and not just stores

The main problem with this combination is that with the default Magento structure you can only ever do one or the other, not the two combined.

So lets set Magento up for multiple currencies first.

  • Create a website for each currency with a corresponding store and store view (not just store views, complete websites)
  • Set System – Configuration – Currency Setup per website to the respective currency. All three entries Base Currecny, Default Display Currency and Allowed currencies should be set to just one and the same currency.
  • Go back to the default overall config scope and set System – Configuration – Catalog – – – Price the Catalog Price Scope to “Website”
  • You can also define you currency rates in System – Manage Currency Rates
  • For each website scope set the appropriate System – Configuration – Web – Secure and Unsecure base url.
  • In your .htaccess file add this at the top (replace the appropriate website domains and code you entered when setting up the websites (here http://website-us.local with base_us andhttp://website-uk.local with code base_uk)

    SetEnvIf Host website-us.local MAGE_RUN_CODE=base_us SetEnvIf Host website-us.local MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website SetEnvIf Host ^website-us.local MAGE_RUN_CODE=base_us SetEnvIf Host ^website-us.local MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website

    SetEnvIf Host website-uk.local MAGE_RUN_CODE=base_uk SetEnvIf Host website-uk.local MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website SetEnvIf Host ^website-uk.local MAGE_RUN_CODE=base_uk SetEnvIf Host ^website-uk.local MAGE_RUN_TYPE=website

  • Overwrite the method convertPrice in Mage/Core/Model/Store and change the method convertPrice – this will ensure that the prices are always displayed in the correct conversion AND the correct currency sign.
     * Convert price from default currency to current currency
     * @param   double $price
     * @param   boolean $format             Format price to currency format
     * @param   boolean $includeContainer   Enclose into <span class="price"><span>
     * @return  double
    public function convertPrice($price, $format = false, $includeContainer = true)
        $categories = Mage::getModel('catalog/category')->getCollection();
        $baseCurrencyCode = Mage::app()->getBaseCurrencyCode();
        $allowedCurrencies = Mage::getModel('directory/currency')->getConfigAllowCurrencies();
        $currencyRates = Mage::getModel('directory/currency')->getCurrencyRates($baseCurrencyCode,array_values($allowedCurrencies));
        if ($this->getCurrentCurrency() && $this->getBaseCurrency()) {
            $value = $this->getBaseCurrency()->convert($price, $this->getCurrentCurrency());
        } else {
            $value = $price;
        if($this->getCurrentCurrencyCode() != $baseCurrencyCode)
            $value = $price * $currencyRates[$this->getCurrentCurrencyCode()];
        if ($this->getCurrentCurrency() && $format) {
            $value = $this->formatPrice($value, $includeContainer);
        return $value;


But of course we also want to share the users data, cart and login throughout the websites we just set up.

  • While in default config scope set System – Configuration – Customer Configuration – Account Sharing Options – Share Customer Accounts to Global
  • Overwrite magento/app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/Model/Session.php and replace this method:

    protected function _getQuoteIdKey() { return ‘quote_id’; //return ‘quote_id_’ . $websites[1]; }

  • Overwrite magento/app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Quote.php and change the method getSharedStoreIds to:

    public function getSharedStoreIds() { $ids = $this->_getData(‘shared_store_ids’); if (is_null($ids) || !is_array($ids)) { $arrStoreIds = array(); foreach(Mage::getModel(‘core/website’)->getCollection() as $website) { $arrStoreIds = array_merge($arrStoreIds,$website->getStoreIds()); } return $arrStoreIds; /*if ($website = $this->getWebsite()) { return $website->getStoreIds(); } var_dump($this->getStore()->getWebsite()->getStoreIds());exit(); return $this->getStore()->getWebsite()->getStoreIds(); */ } return $ids; }

  • Overwrite magento/app/code/core/Mage/Customers/Model/Customer.php and change again the method getSharedWebsiteIds() to:

    public function getSharedWebsiteIds() { $ids = $this->_getData(‘shared_website_ids’); if ($ids === null) { $ids = array(); if ((bool)$this->getSharingConfig()->isWebsiteScope()) { $ids[] = $this->getWebsiteId(); } else { foreach (Mage::app()->getWebsites() as $website) { $ids[] = $website->getId(); } } $this->setData(‘shared_website_ids’, $ids); } return $ids; }

  • If you use the wishlist option you should do the same for the method in magento/app/code/core/Mage/Wishlist/Model/Wishlist.php and change getSharedWebsiteIds so it not only loads the store ids from the current website but from all of them
  • Now we also have to implement a currency (website) switch on the frontend stores and pass the correct session ids inbetween so magento knows what stores to look for. I imitated the currency switch here and added the following dropdown to


This loads all websites and applies the current Session Id as a query string so magento knows on any domain which session to use.

 * Currency switcher
 * @see Mage_Directory_Block_Currency
class="top-currency"> php $websites = Mage::getModel('core/website')->getCollection(); $this_session_id = Mage::getSingleton('core/session', array('name' => 'frontend'))->getSessionId(); ?> id="website-changer" onChange="document.location=this.options[selectedIndex].value"> php foreach($websites as $website): $default_store = $website->getDefaultStore(); $website_currency = $default_store->getBaseCurrency()->getCurrencyCode(); $url_obj = new Mage_Core_Model_Url(); $default_store_path = $url_obj->getBaseUrl(array('_store'=> $default_store->getCode())); $default_store_path .= Mage::getSingleton('core/url')->escape(ltrim(Mage::app()->getRequest()->getRequestString(), '/')); $default_store_path = explode('?', $default_store_path); $default_store_path = $default_store_path[0] . '?SID=' . $this_session_id; ?> if(strstr($default_store_path,Mage::getBaseUrl())):?>selected="selected"endif; ?> value="$default_store_path ?>"> $website_currency?> endforeach;?>

This query string will only be applied the first time you switch but magento will remember the session id after that stored in a cookie.

  • In order for this to work properly, overwrite



replace this

// potential custom logic for session id (ex. switching between hosts)


// potential custom logic for session id (ex. switching between hosts)
/* Amend to ensure shopping carts are shared between websites */
if (isset($_COOKIE['lastsid']))
            setcookie ('lastsid', '', time() - 3600);

        if (isset($_GET['SID']))
            session_decode(file_get_contents(Mage::getBaseDir('session') . '/sess_' . $_GET['SID']));
            setcookie('lastsid', $_GET['SID']);
            $_COOKIE['lastsid'] = $_GET['SID'];
        /* Amend end */

This should now display multiple currencies, charge in multiple currencies across mutliple websites and on top of this share logins and shopping carts. This solution is a collection of knowledge I found on the interwebs combined with a few bits and pieces I figured out myself, so thanks for anyone who gave advice!



The main purpose of creating an online-shop is to make customers not only go to your store from Google. The main purpose is to make your customers stay and buy some of your goods. You can encourage them to explore the products using landing pages. Landing page –  is the first impression about your store. Ideally, your landing page should target your visitors to a product pages.

Landing page closely connected with “About Us” page. These pages are created to tell visitors about your store. They may include contacts, billing, shipping, company’s history, etc. These pages can tell visitors about your business practices and to make your store more respected. In this article I will show you how to create landing page with the help of Magento CMS page.

Landing page is not a product page. Visitor does not choose a color of goods and does not add something to shopping cart.

Instead, it should make visitors to buy your product. You can read my articles about how to make your website more attractive for customers:

1. How to make your website successful?

2. Improve your store performance in Magento

3. Optimize your frontend performance with Magento

Landing page often matches to a particular advertisement. For example, we added advertising on a website for business owners:

landing page 1

By clicking this ad visitors enter a landing page in the store:

landing page 2

The top of the landing page (above the list of products) is a basic landing page. First of all, we will see how to create this part of the page. The bottom of this landing page consists of dynamic content.

How To Create Basic Landing Page In Magento

To understand how to create basic landing page in Magento, you should understand how to create Magento CMS page (static).

Creating of a CMS page is described in my article:

Adding a template to the CMS page:

  1. Select Custom Design tab.
  2. If you want to use custom theme, select it in the drop-down menu.
  3. In the drop-down list Layout, select type of layout you want to see in your page.
  4. Save and view. You should see that the template was applied to the Magento CMS page. Content that you entered appears in Magento page. Now you have a basic landing page.

landing page 3

Basic landing page that we created is static. It has no dynamic content – the content that is formed during browsing of the page. You can make your landing page dynamic by adding Magento dynamic blocks like products and product categories.

How To Add Dynamic Content To Landing Page In Magento

Create a product category for landing page:

  1. Choose Catalog – Manage Categories.
  2. Add a new subcategory in the Default category.
  3. In the Name field you can write “landing page” or something similar. While assigning products in this category, you will see this title.
  4. In the Active, select No. This will prevent displaying of categories in the navigation menu. Remember that you want to use this category only for your landing page.
  5. Key URL does not matter. This category will have its own page. It will be built into the landing page.
  6. You can fill in the Description. That will help you to remember the purpose of the category.
  7. You can skip the rest of the fields and tabs. Click Save.

landing page 4

Add products to the landing page category :

  1. Select Catalog – Manage Products. Manage Products page will be opened.
  2. For a product to be displayed on the page, click the Edit. Page is displayed Product Information. You will see a General tab.
  3. Select Categories.
  4. Select a category that you have created for your landing page. It should be gray because the category is not active
  5. Save the product.
  6. Repeat this procedure for each product that you want to see on the landing page.

landing page 5

So, our page works almost the same way as a usual category page. Remember that the landing page displays the products from the chosen category.

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Free magento themes

Download Elantra – Advanced Responsive Magento Theme 2016

MYsql tricks

Group concat

my problem is i want all of the colomn in one coloumn separated by ‘-‘ so that we can use this

eg:- group_concat(`md_tag` separator ‘-‘)




Shippment method price rule in magento

Just to Note: there is more than one way to do this through code, this one is the easiest to accomplish the scenario above.

Let me first comment on i still see flatrate/standard shipping under free shipping which is by logic wrong, the idea of showing both “Free Shipping” and “Flat Rate” is the case of your store showing multiple options with difference in the speed of shipping, so you could have a flat rate for (1 day shipping) and a free shipping (5-7 Days).

Now to accomplish the case where you want only to show one shipping option if the subtotal is over a certain amount, this is where you make use of Promotions > Shopping Cart Price Rules, please note that for this method you will need to disable Free Shipping, where you can set it as below:

enter image description here

Then add the rule you need under conditions :

enter image description here

After that Magento needs to know the action to apply for this condition you setup. In this case we want it to apply free shipping if the subtotal is over $50 in this example.

enter image description here

Now you should be able to see “Flat Rate shipping” showing $0.

enter image description here


Country list for arabic and english database

`country_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`iso` varchar(2) DEFAULT NULL,
`name` varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
`country_name` varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
`country_name_arabic` varchar(200) DEFAULT NULL,
`iso3` varchar(5) DEFAULT NULL,
`numcode` int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
`phonecode` int(10) DEFAULT NULL,
`country_status` int(1) DEFAULT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`country_id`)

— Dumping data for table `country`

INSERT INTO `country` (`country_id`, `iso`, `name`, `country_name`, `country_name_arabic`, `iso3`, `numcode`, `phonecode`, `country_status`) VALUES
(1, ‘AF’, ‘AFGHANISTAN’, ‘Afghanistan’, ‘أفغانستان’, ‘AFG’, 4, 93, 1),
(2, ‘AL’, ‘ALBANIA’, ‘Albania’, ‘ألبانيا’, ‘ALB’, 8, 355, 1),
(3, ‘DZ’, ‘ALGERIA’, ‘Algeria’, ‘الجزائر’, ‘DZA’, 12, 213, 1),
(4, ‘AS’, ‘AMERICAN SAMOA’, ‘American Samoa’, ‘ساموا-الأمريكي’, ‘ASM’, 16, 1684, 1),
(5, ‘AD’, ‘ANDORRA’, ‘Andorra’, ‘أندورا’, ‘AND’, 20, 376, 1),
(6, ‘AO’, ‘ANGOLA’, ‘Angola’, ‘أنغولا’, ‘AGO’, 24, 244, 1),
(7, ‘AI’, ‘ANGUILLA’, ‘Anguilla’, ‘أنغويلا’, ‘AIA’, 660, 1264, 1),
(8, ‘AQ’, ‘ANTARCTICA’, ‘Antarctica’, ‘أنتاركتيكا’, NULL, NULL, 0, 1),
(9, ‘AG’, ‘ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA’, ‘Antigua and Barbuda’, ‘أنتيغوا وبربودا’, ‘ATG’, 28, 1268, 1),
(10, ‘AR’, ‘ARGENTINA’, ‘Argentina’, ‘الأرجنتين’, ‘ARG’, 32, 54, 1),
(11, ‘AM’, ‘ARMENIA’, ‘Armenia’, ‘أرمينيا’, ‘ARM’, 51, 374, 1),
(12, ‘AW’, ‘ARUBA’, ‘Aruba’, ‘أروبه’, ‘ABW’, 533, 297, 1),
(13, ‘AU’, ‘AUSTRALIA’, ‘Australia’, ‘أستراليا’, ‘AUS’, 36, 61, 1),
(14, ‘AT’, ‘AUSTRIA’, ‘Austria’, ‘النمسا’, ‘AUT’, 40, 43, 1),
(15, ‘AZ’, ‘AZERBAIJAN’, ‘Azerbaijan’, ‘أذربيجان’, ‘AZE’, 31, 994, 1),
(16, ‘BS’, ‘BAHAMAS’, ‘Bahamas’, ‘الباهاماس’, ‘BHS’, 44, 1242, 1),
(17, ‘BH’, ‘BAHRAIN’, ‘Bahrain’, ‘البحرين’, ‘BHR’, 48, 973, 1),
(18, ‘BD’, ‘BANGLADESH’, ‘Bangladesh’, ‘بنغلاديش’, ‘BGD’, 50, 880, 1),
(19, ‘BB’, ‘BARBADOS’, ‘Barbados’, ‘بربادوس’, ‘BRB’, 52, 1246, 1),
(20, ‘BY’, ‘BELARUS’, ‘Belarus’, ‘روسيا البيضاء’, ‘BLR’, 112, 375, 1),
(21, ‘BE’, ‘BELGIUM’, ‘Belgium’, ‘بلجيكا’, ‘BEL’, 56, 32, 1),
(22, ‘BZ’, ‘BELIZE’, ‘Belize’, ‘بيليز’, ‘BLZ’, 84, 501, 1),
(23, ‘BJ’, ‘BENIN’, ‘Benin’, ‘بنين’, ‘BEN’, 204, 229, 1),
(24, ‘BM’, ‘BERMUDA’, ‘Bermuda’, ‘جزر برمودا’, ‘BMU’, 60, 1441, 1),
(25, ‘BT’, ‘BHUTAN’, ‘Bhutan’, ‘بوتان’, ‘BTN’, 64, 975, 1),
(26, ‘BO’, ‘BOLIVIA’, ‘Bolivia’, ‘بوليفيا’, ‘BOL’, 68, 591, 1),
(27, ‘BA’, ‘BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA’, ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina’, ‘البوسنة و الهرسك’, ‘BIH’, 70, 387, 1),
(28, ‘BW’, ‘BOTSWANA’, ‘Botswana’, ‘بوتسوانا’, ‘BWA’, 72, 267, 1),
(29, ‘BV’, ‘BOUVET ISLAND’, ‘Bouvet Island’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, 1),
(30, ‘BR’, ‘BRAZIL’, ‘Brazil’, ‘البرازيل’, ‘BRA’, 76, 55, 1),
(31, ‘IO’, ‘BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY’, ‘British Indian Ocean Territory’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 246, 1),
(32, ‘BN’, ‘BRUNEI DARUSSALAM’, ‘Brunei Darussalam’, ‘بروني’, ‘BRN’, 96, 673, 1),
(33, ‘BG’, ‘BULGARIA’, ‘Bulgaria’, ‘بلغاريا’, ‘BGR’, 100, 359, 1),
(34, ‘BF’, ‘BURKINA FASO’, ‘Burkina Faso’, ‘بوركينا فاسو’, ‘BFA’, 854, 226, 1),
(35, ‘BI’, ‘BURUNDI’, ‘Burundi’, ‘بوروندي’, ‘BDI’, 108, 257, 1),
(36, ‘KH’, ‘CAMBODIA’, ‘Cambodia’, ‘كمبوديا’, ‘KHM’, 116, 855, 1),
(37, ‘CM’, ‘CAMEROON’, ‘Cameroon’, ‘كاميرون’, ‘CMR’, 120, 237, 1),
(38, ‘CA’, ‘CANADA’, ‘Canada’, ‘كندا’, ‘CAN’, 124, 1, 1),
(39, ‘CV’, ‘CAPE VERDE’, ‘Cape Verde’, ‘الرأس الأخضر’, ‘CPV’, 132, 238, 1),
(40, ‘KY’, ‘CAYMAN ISLANDS’, ‘Cayman Islands’, ‘Not Available’, ‘CYM’, 136, 1345, 1),
(41, ‘CF’, ‘CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC’, ‘Central African Republic’, ‘جمهورية أفريقيا الوسطى’, ‘CAF’, 140, 236, 1),
(42, ‘TD’, ‘CHAD’, ‘Chad’, ‘تشاد’, ‘TCD’, 148, 235, 1),
(43, ‘CL’, ‘CHILE’, ‘Chile’, ‘شيلي’, ‘CHL’, 152, 56, 1),
(44, ‘CN’, ‘CHINA’, ‘China’, ‘جمهورية الصين الشعبية’, ‘CHN’, 156, 86, 1),
(45, ‘CX’, ‘CHRISTMAS ISLAND’, ‘Christmas Island’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 61, 1),
(46, ‘CC’, ‘COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS’, ‘Cocos (Keeling) Islands’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 672, 1),
(47, ‘CO’, ‘COLOMBIA’, ‘Colombia’, ‘كولومبيا’, ‘COL’, 170, 57, 1),
(48, ‘KM’, ‘COMOROS’, ‘Comoros’, ‘جزر القمر’, ‘COM’, 174, 269, 1),
(49, ‘CG’, ‘CONGO’, ‘Congo’, NULL, ‘COG’, 178, 242, 1),
(50, ‘CK’, ‘COOK ISLANDS’, ‘Cook Islands’, ‘جزر كوك’, ‘COK’, 184, 682, 1),
(51, ‘CR’, ‘COSTA RICA’, ‘Costa Rica’, ‘كوستاريكا’, ‘CRI’, 188, 506, 1),
(52, ‘CI’, ‘COTE D”IVOIRE’, ‘Cote D”Ivoire’, NULL, ‘CIV’, 384, 225, 1),
(53, ‘HR’, ‘CROATIA’, ‘Croatia’, ‘كرواتيا’, ‘HRV’, 191, 385, 1),
(54, ‘CU’, ‘CUBA’, ‘Cuba’, ‘كوبا’, ‘CUB’, 192, 53, 1),
(55, ‘CY’, ‘CYPRUS’, ‘Cyprus’, ‘قبرص’, ‘CYP’, 196, 357, 1),
(56, ‘CZ’, ‘CZECH REPUBLIC’, ‘Czech Republic’, ‘الجمهوريةالتشيكية’, ‘CZE’, 203, 420, 1),
(57, ‘DK’, ‘DENMARK’, ‘Denmark’, ‘الدانمارك’, ‘DNK’, 208, 45, 1),
(58, ‘DJ’, ‘DJIBOUTI’, ‘Djibouti’, ‘جيبوتي’, ‘DJI’, 262, 253, 1),
(59, ‘DM’, ‘DOMINICA’, ‘Dominica’, ‘دومينيكا’, ‘DMA’, 212, 1767, 1),
(60, ‘DO’, ‘DOMINICAN REPUBLIC’, ‘Dominican Republic’, ‘الجمهوريةالدومينيكية’, ‘DOM’, 214, 1809, 1),
(61, ‘TL’, ‘East Timor’, ‘East Timor Timor-Leste’, ‘تيمورالشرقية’, ‘TLS’, 0, 1, 1),
(62, ‘EC’, ‘ECUADOR’, ‘Ecuador’, ‘إكوادور’, ‘ECU’, 218, 593, 1),
(63, ‘EG’, ‘EGYPT’, ‘Egypt’, ‘مصر’, ‘EGY’, 818, 20, 1),
(64, ‘SV’, ‘EL SALVADOR’, ‘El Salvador’, ‘إلسلفادور’, ‘SLV’, 222, 503, 1),
(65, ‘GQ’, ‘EQUATORIAL GUINEA’, ‘Equatorial Guinea’, ‘غينيا الاستوائي’, ‘GNQ’, 226, 240, 1),
(66, ‘ER’, ‘ERITREA’, ‘Eritrea’, ‘إريتريا’, ‘ERI’, 232, 291, 1),
(67, ‘EE’, ‘ESTONIA’, ‘Estonia’, ‘استونيا’, ‘EST’, 233, 372, 1),
(68, ‘ET’, ‘ETHIOPIA’, ‘Ethiopia’, ‘أثيوبيا’, ‘ETH’, 231, 251, 1),
(69, ‘FK’, ‘FALKLAND ISLANDS (MALVINAS)’, ‘Falkland Islands (Malvinas)’, NULL, ‘FLK’, 238, 500, 1),
(70, ‘FO’, ‘FAROE ISLANDS’, ‘Faroe Islands’, NULL, ‘FRO’, 234, 298, 1),
(71, ‘FJ’, ‘FIJI’, ‘Fiji’, ‘فيجي’, ‘FJI’, 242, 679, 1),
(72, ‘FI’, ‘FINLAND’, ‘Finland’, ‘فنلندا’, ‘FIN’, 246, 358, 1),
(74, ‘FR’, ‘FRANCE’, ‘France’, ‘فرنسا’, ‘FRA’, 250, 33, 1),
(75, ‘GF’, ‘FRENCH GUIANA’, ‘French Guiana’, NULL, ‘GUF’, 254, 594, 1),
(76, ‘PF’, ‘FRENCH POLYNESIA’, ‘French Polynesia’, NULL, ‘PYF’, 258, 689, 1),
(77, ‘TF’, ‘FRENCH SOUTHERN TERRITORIES’, ‘French Southern Territories’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, 1),
(78, ‘GA’, ‘GABON’, ‘Gabon’, ‘الغابون’, ‘GAB’, 266, 241, 1),
(79, ‘GM’, ‘GAMBIA’, ‘Gambia’, ‘غامبيا’, ‘GMB’, 270, 220, 1),
(80, ‘GE’, ‘GEORGIA’, ‘Georgia’, ‘جيورجيا’, ‘GEO’, 268, 995, 1),
(81, ‘DE’, ‘GERMANY’, ‘Germany’, ‘ألمانيا’, ‘DEU’, 276, 49, 1),
(82, ‘GH’, ‘GHANA’, ‘Ghana’, ‘غانا’, ‘GHA’, 288, 233, 1),
(83, ‘GI’, ‘GIBRALTAR’, ‘Gibraltar’, ‘جبلطارق’, ‘GIB’, 292, 350, 1),
(84, ‘GR’, ‘GREECE’, ‘Greece’, ‘اليونان’, ‘GRC’, 300, 30, 1),
(85, ‘GL’, ‘GREENLAND’, ‘Greenland’, ‘جرينلاند’, ‘GRL’, 304, 299, 1),
(86, ‘GD’, ‘GRENADA’, ‘Grenada’, ‘غرينادا’, ‘GRD’, 308, 1473, 1),
(87, ‘GP’, ‘GUADELOUPE’, ‘Guadeloupe’, ‘جزرجوادلوب’, ‘GLP’, 312, 590, 1),
(88, ‘GU’, ‘GUAM’, ‘Guam’, ‘جوام’, ‘GUM’, 316, 1671, 1),
(89, ‘GT’, ‘GUATEMALA’, ‘Guatemala’, ‘غواتيمال’, ‘GTM’, 320, 502, 1),
(90, ‘GN’, ‘GUINEA’, ‘Guinea’, ‘غينيا’, ‘GIN’, 324, 224, 1),
(91, ‘GW’, ‘GUINEA-BISSAU’, ‘Guinea-Bissau’, ‘غينيا-بيساو’, ‘GNB’, 624, 245, 1),
(92, ‘GY’, ‘GUYANA’, ‘Guyana’, ‘غيانا’, ‘GUY’, 328, 592, 1),
(93, ‘HT’, ‘HAITI’, ‘Haiti’, ‘هايتي’, ‘HTI’, 332, 509, 1),
(94, ‘HM’, ‘HEARD ISLAND AND MCDONALD ISLANDS’, ‘Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, 1),
(95, ‘HN’, ‘HONDURAS’, ‘Honduras’, ‘هندوراس’, ‘HND’, 340, 504, 1),
(96, ‘HK’, ‘HONG KONG’, ‘Hong Kong’, NULL, ‘HKG’, 344, 852, 1),
(97, ‘HU’, ‘HUNGARY’, ‘Hungary’, ‘المجر’, ‘HUN’, 348, 36, 1),
(98, ‘IS’, ‘ICELAND’, ‘Iceland’, ‘آيسلندا’, ‘ISL’, 352, 354, 1),
(99, ‘IN’, ‘INDIA’, ‘India’, ‘الهند’, ‘IND’, 356, 91, 1),
(100, ‘ID’, ‘INDONESIA’, ‘Indonesia’, ‘أندونيسيا’, ‘IDN’, 360, 62, 1),
(101, ‘IR’, ‘IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF’, ‘Iran, Islamic Republic of’, NULL, ‘IRN’, 364, 98, 1),
(102, ‘IQ’, ‘IRAQ’, ‘Iraq’, ‘العراق’, ‘IRQ’, 368, 964, 1),
(103, ‘IE’, ‘IRELAND’, ‘Ireland’, ‘إيرلندا’, ‘IRL’, 372, 353, 1),
(104, ‘IL’, ‘ISRAEL’, ‘Israel’, ‘إسرائيل’, ‘ISR’, 376, 972, 1),
(105, ‘IT’, ‘ITALY’, ‘Italy’, ‘إيطاليا’, ‘ITA’, 380, 39, 1),
(106, ‘JM’, ‘JAMAICA’, ‘Jamaica’, ‘جمايكا’, ‘JAM’, 388, 1876, 1),
(107, ‘JP’, ‘JAPAN’, ‘Japan’, ‘اليابان’, ‘JPN’, 392, 81, 1),
(108, ‘JO’, ‘JORDAN’, ‘Jordan’, ‘الأردن’, ‘JOR’, 400, 962, 1),
(109, ‘KZ’, ‘KAZAKHSTAN’, ‘Kazakhstan’, ‘كازاخستان’, ‘KAZ’, 398, 7, 1),
(110, ‘KE’, ‘KENYA’, ‘Kenya’, ‘كينيا’, ‘KEN’, 404, 254, 1),
(111, ‘KI’, ‘KIRIBATI’, ‘Kiribati’, ‘كيريباتي’, ‘KIR’, 296, 686, 1),
(112, ‘KP’, ‘KOREA, DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE”S REPUBLIC OF’, ‘Korea, Democratic People”s Republic of’, NULL, ‘PRK’, 408, 850, 1),
(113, ‘KR’, ‘KOREA, REPUBLIC OF’, ‘Korea, Republic of’, NULL, ‘KOR’, 410, 82, 1),
(114, ‘KW’, ‘KUWAIT’, ‘Kuwait’, ‘الكويت’, ‘KWT’, 414, 965, 1),
(115, ‘KG’, ‘KYRGYZSTAN’, ‘Kyrgyzstan’, ‘قيرغيزستان’, ‘KGZ’, 417, 996, 1),
(116, ‘LA’, ‘LAO PEOPLE”S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC’, ‘Lao People”s Democratic Republic’, NULL, ‘LAO’, 418, 856, 1),
(117, ‘LV’, ‘LATVIA’, ‘Latvia’, ‘لاتفيا’, ‘LVA’, 428, 371, 1),
(118, ‘LB’, ‘LEBANON’, ‘Lebanon’, ‘لبنان’, ‘LBN’, 422, 961, 1),
(119, ‘LS’, ‘LESOTHO’, ‘Lesotho’, ‘ليسوتو’, ‘LSO’, 426, 266, 1),
(120, ‘LR’, ‘LIBERIA’, ‘Liberia’, ‘ليبيريا’, ‘LBR’, 430, 231, 1),
(121, ‘LY’, ‘LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA’, ‘Libyan Arab Jamahiriya’, NULL, ‘LBY’, 434, 218, 1),
(122, ‘LI’, ‘LIECHTENSTEIN’, ‘Liechtenstein’, ‘ليختنشتين’, ‘LIE’, 438, 423, 1),
(123, ‘LT’, ‘LITHUANIA’, ‘Lithuania’, ‘لتوانيا’, ‘LTU’, 440, 370, 1),
(124, ‘LU’, ‘LUXEMBOURG’, ‘Luxembourg’, ‘لوكسمبورغ’, ‘LUX’, 442, 352, 1),
(125, ‘MO’, ‘MACAO’, ‘Macao’, ‘ماكاو’, ‘MAC’, 446, 853, 1),
(126, ‘MK’, ‘FYROM’, ‘THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF’, NULL, ‘MKD’, 807, 389, 1),
(127, ‘MG’, ‘MADAGASCAR’, ‘Madagascar’, ‘مدغشقر’, ‘MDG’, 450, 261, 1),
(128, ‘MW’, ‘MALAWI’, ‘Malawi’, ‘مالاوي’, ‘MWI’, 454, 265, 1),
(129, ‘MY’, ‘MALAYSIA’, ‘Malaysia’, ‘ماليزيا’, ‘MYS’, 458, 60, 1),
(130, ‘MV’, ‘MALDIVES’, ‘Maldives’, ‘المالديف’, ‘MDV’, 462, 960, 1),
(131, ‘ML’, ‘MALI’, ‘Mali’, ‘مالي’, ‘MLI’, 466, 223, 1),
(132, ‘MT’, ‘MALTA’, ‘Malta’, ‘مالطا’, ‘MLT’, 470, 356, 1),
(133, ‘MH’, ‘MARSHALL ISLANDS’, ‘Marshall Islands’, NULL, ‘MHL’, 584, 692, 1),
(134, ‘MQ’, ‘MARTINIQUE’, ‘Martinique’, ‘مارتينيك’, ‘MTQ’, 474, 596, 1),
(135, ‘MR’, ‘MAURITANIA’, ‘Mauritania’, ‘موريتانيا’, ‘MRT’, 478, 222, 1),
(136, ‘MU’, ‘MAURITIUS’, ‘Mauritius’, ‘موريشيوس’, ‘MUS’, 480, 230, 1),
(137, ‘YT’, ‘MAYOTTE’, ‘Mayotte’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 269, 1),
(138, ‘MX’, ‘MEXICO’, ‘Mexico’, ‘المكسيك’, ‘MEX’, 484, 52, 1),
(139, ‘FM’, ‘MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES OF’, ‘Micronesia, Federated States of’, NULL, ‘FSM’, 583, 691, 1),
(140, ‘MD’, ‘MOLDOVA, REPUBLIC OF’, ‘Moldova, Republic of’, NULL, ‘MDA’, 498, 373, 1),
(141, ‘MC’, ‘MONACO’, ‘Monaco’, ‘موناكو’, ‘MCO’, 492, 377, 1),
(142, ‘MN’, ‘MONGOLIA’, ‘Mongolia’, ‘منغوليا’, ‘MNG’, 496, 976, 1),
(143, ‘MS’, ‘MONTSERRAT’, ‘Montserrat’, ‘مونتسيرات’, ‘MSR’, 500, 1664, 1),
(144, ‘MA’, ‘MOROCCO’, ‘Morocco’, ‘المغرب’, ‘MAR’, 504, 212, 1),
(145, ‘MZ’, ‘MOZAMBIQUE’, ‘Mozambique’, ‘موزمبيق’, ‘MOZ’, 508, 258, 1),
(146, ‘MM’, ‘MYANMAR’, ‘Myanmar’, NULL, ‘MMR’, 104, 95, 1),
(147, ‘NA’, ‘NAMIBIA’, ‘Namibia’, ‘ناميبيا’, ‘NAM’, 516, 264, 1),
(148, ‘NR’, ‘NAURU’, ‘Nauru’, ‘نورو’, ‘NRU’, 520, 674, 1),
(149, ‘NP’, ‘NEPAL’, ‘Nepal’, ‘نيبال’, ‘NPL’, 524, 977, 1),
(150, ‘NL’, ‘NETHERLANDS’, ‘Netherlands’, ‘هولندا’, ‘NLD’, 528, 31, 1),
(151, ‘AN’, ‘NETHERLANDS ANTILLES’, ‘Netherlands Antilles’, ‘جزرالأنتيلالهولندي’, ‘ANT’, 530, 599, 1),
(152, ‘NC’, ‘NEW CALEDONIA’, ‘New Caledonia’, NULL, ‘NCL’, 540, 687, 1),
(153, ‘NZ’, ‘NEW ZEALAND’, ‘New Zealand’, NULL, ‘NZL’, 554, 64, 1),
(154, ‘NI’, ‘NICARAGUA’, ‘Nicaragua’, ‘نيكاراجوا’, ‘NIC’, 558, 505, 1),
(155, ‘NE’, ‘NIGER’, ‘Niger’, ‘النيجر’, ‘NER’, 562, 227, 1),
(156, ‘NG’, ‘NIGERIA’, ‘Nigeria’, ‘نيجيريا’, ‘NGA’, 566, 234, 1),
(157, ‘NU’, ‘NIUE’, ‘Niue’, ‘ني’, ‘NIU’, 570, 683, 1),
(158, ‘NF’, ‘NORFOLK ISLAND’, ‘Norfolk Island’, NULL, ‘NFK’, 574, 672, 1),
(159, ‘MP’, ‘NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS’, ‘Northern Mariana Islands’, ‘جزرمارياناالشمالية’, ‘MNP’, 580, 1670, 1),
(160, ‘NO’, ‘NORWAY’, ‘Norway’, ‘النرويج’, ‘NOR’, 578, 47, 1),
(161, ‘OM’, ‘OMAN’, ‘Oman’, ‘عُمان’, ‘OMN’, 512, 968, 1),
(162, ‘PK’, ‘PAKISTAN’, ‘Pakistan’, ‘باكستان’, ‘PAK’, 586, 92, 1),
(163, ‘PW’, ‘PALAU’, ‘Palau’, ‘بالاو’, ‘PLW’, 585, 680, 1),
(164, ‘PA’, ‘PANAMA’, ‘Panama’, ‘بنما’, ‘PAN’, 591, 507, 1),
(165, ‘PG’, ‘PAPUA NEW GUINEA’, ‘Papua New Guinea’, ‘بابواغينياالجديدة’, ‘PNG’, 598, 675, 1),
(166, ‘PY’, ‘PARAGUAY’, ‘Paraguay’, ‘باراغواي’, ‘PRY’, 600, 595, 1),
(167, ‘PE’, ‘PERU’, ‘Peru’, ‘بيرو’, ‘PER’, 604, 51, 1),
(168, ‘PH’, ‘PHILIPPINES’, ‘Philippines’, ‘الفليبين’, ‘PHL’, 608, 63, 1),
(169, ‘PN’, ‘PITCAIRN’, ‘Pitcairn’, NULL, ‘PCN’, 612, 0, 1),
(170, ‘PL’, ‘POLAND’, ‘Poland’, ‘بولونيا’, ‘POL’, 616, 48, 1),
(171, ‘PT’, ‘PORTUGAL’, ‘Portugal’, ‘البرتغال’, ‘PRT’, 620, 351, 1),
(172, ‘PR’, ‘PUERTO RICO’, ‘Puerto Rico’, NULL, ‘PRI’, 630, 1787, 1),
(173, ‘QA’, ‘QATAR’, ‘Qatar’, ‘قطر’, ‘QAT’, 634, 974, 1),
(174, ‘RE’, ‘REUNION’, ‘Reunion’, NULL, ‘REU’, 638, 262, 1),
(175, ‘RO’, ‘ROMANIA’, ‘Romania’, ‘رومانيا’, ‘ROM’, 642, 40, 1),
(176, ‘RU’, ‘RUSSIAN FEDERATION’, ‘Russian Federation’, NULL, ‘RUS’, 643, 70, 1),
(177, ‘RW’, ‘RWANDA’, ‘Rwanda’, ‘رواندا’, ‘RWA’, 646, 250, 1),
(178, ‘KN’, ‘SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS’, ‘Saint Kitts and Nevis’, NULL, ‘KNA’, 659, 1869, 1),
(179, ‘LC’, ‘SAINT LUCIA’, ‘Saint Lucia’, NULL, ‘LCA’, 662, 1758, 1),
(180, ‘VC’, ‘SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES’, ‘Saint Vincent and the Grenadines’, NULL, ‘VCT’, 670, 1784, 1),
(181, ‘WS’, ‘SAMOA’, ‘Samoa’, ‘المناطق’, ‘WSM’, 882, 684, 1),
(182, ‘SM’, ‘SAN MARINO’, ‘San Marino’, NULL, ‘SMR’, 674, 378, 1),
(183, ‘ST’, ‘SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE’, ‘Sao Tome and Principe’, ‘ساوتوميوبرينسيبي’, ‘STP’, 678, 239, 1),
(184, ‘SA’, ‘SAUDI ARABIA’, ‘Saudi Arabia’, ‘المملكةالعربيةالسعودية’, ‘SAU’, 682, 966, 1),
(185, ‘SN’, ‘SENEGAL’, ‘Senegal’, ‘السنغال’, ‘SEN’, 686, 221, 1),
(186, ‘SC’, ‘SEYCHELLES’, ‘Seychelles’, ‘سيشيل’, ‘SYC’, 690, 248, 1),
(187, ‘SL’, ‘SIERRA LEONE’, ‘Sierra Leone’, NULL, ‘SLE’, 694, 232, 1),
(188, ‘SG’, ‘SINGAPORE’, ‘Singapore’, ‘سنغافورة’, ‘SGP’, 702, 65, 1),
(189, ‘SK’, ‘Slovak Republic’, ‘Slovakia’, ‘سلوفاكيا’, ‘SVK’, 703, 421, 1),
(190, ‘SI’, ‘SLOVENIA’, ‘Slovenia’, ‘سلوفينيا’, ‘SVN’, 705, 386, 1),
(191, ‘SB’, ‘SOLOMON ISLANDS’, ‘Solomon Islands’, ‘جزرسليمان’, ‘SLB’, 90, 677, 1),
(192, ‘SO’, ‘SOMALIA’, ‘Somalia’, ‘الصومال’, ‘SOM’, 706, 252, 1),
(193, ‘ZA’, ‘SOUTH AFRICA’, ‘South Africa’, ‘جنوبأفريقيا’, ‘ZAF’, 710, 27, 1),
(194, ‘GS’, ‘SOUTH GEORGIA AND THE SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS’, ‘South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, 1),
(195, ‘ES’, ‘SPAIN’, ‘Spain’, ‘إسبانيا’, ‘ESP’, 724, 34, 1),
(196, ‘LK’, ‘SRI LANKA’, ‘Sri Lanka’, NULL, ‘LKA’, 144, 94, 1),
(197, ‘St’, ‘SH’, ‘SHN’, NULL, ‘0’, 1, NULL, 1),
(198, ‘St’, ‘PM’, ‘SPM’, NULL, ”, 0, 1, 1),
(199, ‘SD’, ‘SUDAN’, ‘Sudan’, ‘السودان’, ‘SDN’, 736, 249, 1),
(200, ‘SR’, ‘SURINAME’, ‘Suriname’, ‘سورينام’, ‘SUR’, 740, 597, 1),
(201, ‘SJ’, ‘SVALBARD AND JAN MAYEN’, ‘Svalbard and Jan Mayen’, NULL, ‘SJM’, 744, 47, 1),
(202, ‘SZ’, ‘SWAZILAND’, ‘Swaziland’, ‘سوازيلند’, ‘SWZ’, 748, 268, 1),
(203, ‘SE’, ‘SWEDEN’, ‘Sweden’, ‘السويد’, ‘SWE’, 752, 46, 1),
(204, ‘CH’, ‘SWITZERLAND’, ‘Switzerland’, ‘سويسرا’, ‘CHE’, 756, 41, 1),
(205, ‘SY’, ‘SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC’, ‘Syrian Arab Republic’, NULL, ‘SYR’, 760, 963, 1),
(206, ‘TW’, ‘TAIWAN, PROVINCE OF CHINA’, ‘Taiwan, Province of China’, NULL, ‘TWN’, 158, 886, 1),
(207, ‘TJ’, ‘TAJIKISTAN’, ‘Tajikistan’, ‘طاجيكستان’, ‘TJK’, 762, 992, 1),
(208, ‘TZ’, ‘TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF’, ‘Tanzania, United Republic of’, NULL, ‘TZA’, 834, 255, 1),
(209, ‘TH’, ‘THAILAND’, ‘Thailand’, ‘تايلندا’, ‘THA’, 764, 66, 1),
(210, ‘TG’, ‘TOGO’, ‘Togo’, ‘توغو’, ‘TGO’, 768, 228, 1),
(211, ‘TK’, ‘TOKELAU’, ‘Tokelau’, ‘NotAvailable’, ‘TKL’, 772, 690, 1),
(212, ‘TO’, ‘TONGA’, ‘Tonga’, ‘تونغا’, ‘TON’, 776, 676, 1),
(213, ‘TT’, ‘TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO’, ‘Trinidad and Tobago’, ‘ترينيدادوتوباغو’, ‘TTO’, 780, 1868, 1),
(214, ‘TN’, ‘TUNISIA’, ‘Tunisia’, ‘تونس’, ‘TUN’, 788, 216, 1),
(215, ‘TR’, ‘TURKEY’, ‘Turkey’, ‘تركيا’, ‘TUR’, 792, 90, 1),
(216, ‘TM’, ‘TURKMENISTAN’, ‘Turkmenistan’, ‘تركمانستان’, ‘TKM’, 795, 7370, 1),
(217, ‘TC’, ‘TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS’, ‘Turks and Caicos Islands’, NULL, ‘TCA’, 796, 1649, 1),
(218, ‘TV’, ‘TUVALU’, ‘Tuvalu’, ‘توفالو’, ‘TUV’, 798, 688, 1),
(219, ‘UG’, ‘UGANDA’, ‘Uganda’, ‘أوغندا’, ‘UGA’, 800, 256, 1),
(220, ‘UA’, ‘UKRAINE’, ‘Ukraine’, ‘أوكرانيا’, ‘UKR’, 804, 380, 1),
(221, ‘AE’, ‘UNITED ARAB EMIRATES’, ‘United Arab Emirates’, ‘الإماراتالعرب’, ‘ARE’, 784, 971, 1),
(222, ‘GB’, ‘UNITED KINGDOM’, ‘United Kingdom’, ‘المملكةالمتحدة’, ‘GBR’, 826, 44, 1),
(223, ‘US’, ‘UNITED STATES’, ‘United States’, ‘الولاياتالمتحدة’, ‘USA’, 840, 1, 1),
(224, ‘UM’, ‘UNITED STATES MINOR OUTLYING ISLANDS’, ‘United States Minor Outlying Islands’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 1, 1),
(225, ‘UY’, ‘URUGUAY’, ‘Uruguay’, ‘أورغواي’, ‘URY’, 858, 598, 1),
(226, ‘UZ’, ‘UZBEKISTAN’, ‘Uzbekistan’, ‘أوزباكستان’, ‘UZB’, 860, 998, 1),
(227, ‘VU’, ‘VANUATU’, ‘Vanuatu’, ‘فانواتو’, ‘VUT’, 548, 678, 1),
(228, ‘Va’, ‘VA’, ‘VAT’, NULL, ‘0’, 1, NULL, 1),
(229, ‘VE’, ‘VENEZUELA’, ‘Venezuela’, ‘فنزويلا’, ‘VEN’, 862, 58, 1),
(230, ‘VN’, ‘VIET NAM’, ‘Viet Nam’, NULL, ‘VNM’, 704, 84, 1),
(231, ‘VG’, ‘VIRGIN ISLANDS, BRITISH’, ‘Virgin Islands, British’, NULL, ‘VGB’, 92, 1284, 1),
(232, ‘VI’, ‘VIRGIN ISLANDS, U.S.’, ‘Virgin Islands, U.s.’, NULL, ‘VIR’, 850, 1340, 1),
(233, ‘WF’, ‘WALLIS AND FUTUNA’, ‘Wallis and Futuna’, NULL, ‘WLF’, 876, 681, 1),
(234, ‘EH’, ‘WESTERN SAHARA’, ‘Western Sahara’, NULL, ‘ESH’, 732, 212, 1),
(235, ‘YE’, ‘YEMEN’, ‘Yemen’, ‘اليمن’, ‘YEM’, 887, 967, 1),
(237, ‘CD’, ‘Democratic Republic of Congo’, ‘COD’, NULL, ‘0’, 1, NULL, 1),
(238, ‘ZM’, ‘ZAMBIA’, ‘Zambia’, ‘زامبيا’, ‘ZMB’, 894, 260, 1),
(239, ‘ZW’, ‘ZIMBABWE’, ‘Zimbabwe’, ‘زمبابوي’, ‘ZWE’, 716, 263, 1);

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